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Ceramic Waterstone

There are eleven types of ceramic waterstone series from Select II #240 to #13000.

The characteristic of this waterstone is the ability to grind high speed steel and ceramic knives which is normally not possible with conventional whetstone.
Diamond whetstone does shave, not grind.
This waterstone made of special formula is fast on edge sharpening, and last very long. It is indeed an epochal product. It is baked all the way through; it may be used till it thins out with maintaining the hardness.
If knocked with a spoon, it makes a sound just like when hitting a coffee cup. It is the sound of a ceramic ware.
The conventional magnesia (cement) whetstone, on the other hand, is made with quick setting admixture in a mold, making a "bonk" sound when it's knocked. It hardens after a long use, and smoothes out toward the end of life to dysfunction as a grinder. Also, if soaked in water overnight, it melts away.
Our Select II ceramic waterstone may be soaked in water overnight and will not deform. It is ideal for use on high Rockwell blades.
We are expecting to gain more demands from other countries in near future.

The highest quality artificial waterstone, gaining applause from overseas market

Sigma Power Corp's ultimate ceramic waterstone "Select II" is sold in the U.S., Germany and Sweden now with praising review.
Its advantage is the special manufacturing formula for fast edge sharpening, long lifespan and being closest to the natural whetstone. It looks and made artificially but it has the closed grinding ability to the natural whetstone, grinding ceramic and high speed steel knives. It is indeed an epochal grinder.

15 degrees

The angle between the blade and the stone should be kept 15 degrees. Give strong force when pushing, easy when pulling. Grind longer for front blade, grind shorter for back blade. Keep the angle steady for a sharp edge.

  1. Rough Grinding
  2. Medium Grinding
  3. Fine Grinding
  4. Medium and Fine combi Grinding