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Sigma Power Select II Ceramic Waterstone
-Challenge to a natural waterstone-

Ceramic waterstone made by a company specializing in natural waterstones that has been in business for more than 50 years

Stronger than any waterstones from other companies!

We introduce the Select II Ceramic waterstone series that was invented based on our experience and achievements.
This series enjoys a good reputation in overseas countries.

Our company has conducted years of research to invent a man-made waterstone that is like a natural waterstone by utilizing expert know-how in natural waterstones.
As a result, we succeeded in producing the Select II Ceramic waterstone series.

The secret of the ceramic waterstone produced using our own special method is good quality materials and the technique of firing.

When you tap at the waterstone, it makes a clear sound like a pottery fired in a kiln. The waterstone is like a pottery. You cannot make the sound with a waterstone produced in the magnesia method* (The magnesia waterstone makes a hollow sound.)

Why does our Select II Ceramic waterstone called as "waterstone" enjoy a good reputation in overseas countries? The greatest appeal is its sanding performance. It boasts quicker sharpening and longer life than other products.

Inventing a man-made waterstone like a natural waterstone is a challenge to the history of the waterstone dating back 800 years.

We feel pleasure in and responsible for selling the ceramic waterstone with confidence.

This ceramic waterstone is suitable for all kinds of cutlery including a chisel and plane as well as a ceramic knife and tools made of high-speed steel.

We believe that we can provide a good product that can be a substitute for limited natural resources and everyone can buy without anxiety at low price.
Experience the ha-bokashi** finish that is as excellent as a natural waterstone.

As Japanese cuisine is popular in overseas countries, it is our sincere wish that there is a great demand for Sigma Power Select II Ceramic waterstone that is essential for the care of Japanese knives. Please try the performance by cutting sashimi.
We are willing to contribute to the earth-friendly ecology spirit by providing good products that can be used for a long time.

We have an opportunity to promote the excellence of Japanese sanding performance to the world on the recommendation of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We take this occasion to transmit information widely toward the world to look for our agents.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sigma Power Corporation
Susumu Saito, Chairman/Representative Director
All company staff

*Cement method = a method of hardening a waterstone with a set accelerating agent not by firing

** Ha-bokashi finish = a finish with a smoked division between the base metal and the steel like a wave pattern of a Japanese sword

Our email address:sigmapower@muse.ocn.ne.jp